Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Announcing the Commonwealth Games with the Queen's Baton in Cameroon

The arrival of the silver baton bearing the HM the Queen's Message to all athletes in the Commonwealth landed in Cameroon on the 8th of January.

I was at the airport in Douala to receive the three man team bearing it and the three BBC journalists accompanying it to document its journey through out the Commonwealth nations.

It all seemed very protocolly if i can use that word but when we all relaxed and got to understand the meaning behind the baton, it all came down to one thing promoting good governance, respect for human rights and promoting democracy among all member states of the gentleman's club.

The baton spent a wonderful three days in the two major cities of the country moving from hand to hand  borne by dancers, roller skaters, market women, and school children; each of them receiving the message on the importance of the Commonwealth and its values.

But like all things a la Camerounaise the President of the republic was not there to receive it contrary to what happened in other countries, a spite on the Commonwealth or just a preference for the Francophonie in which Cameroon is also a member state? Well, one will never know.

At least Cameroon's legendary sport spirit did not fail it, the minister for sports was there to help the country's government save face for not showing as much interest in the baton's presence as would have been expected for a country which will be hosting the CPA conference in October this year.

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