Friday, 14 February 2014

My first steps as a blogger

When I had to help my former boss in ensuring that each time he travelled out of the mission he wrote a blog, in used to find it as easy task but when I was asked to write a blog in his stead once I did not find it easy. The words will not just come. I kept asking what I should say.

Barely a year has passed since then and now if somebody should say I am a beginner in the area of blogging I am sure those who know will laugh and say no. But yes it is my first time.

Dabbling around the blogger interface was not an easy task at first, but thank God!
for the Leicester University Online Networking and Employability course I am presently taking, it has made things much easier.

For example when I was setting up my blog I named it Announcing the Commonwealth Games in Cameroon but today while looking through the notes from the first unit I said to myself if I have to use my blog to show my personal brand to the public, it is supposed to bear my name as title. So I went to the short video on setting up a blog and I watched it and from there I found more useful tips like how to change the title of a blog, how to improve on my blogging experience by  changing the background of my blog, choosing a lay out for my blog, etc.

Writing in reflexive way was another major hitch I faced. I kept asking is what I am writing good enough. I kept reading and re reading the course resource on reflexive writing. And I think bit by bit I am getting there.
I have not only learnt how to create a blog and write a blog post or beautify my blog I also learnt a lot on using my blog not just for work but to air my mind , write on the things I love, my personal convictions.
I would say that I have gone a long way in becoming a blogger and the ONE course of the University of Leicester has helped a lot. I am sure with the next units of the course I would get even better.

The next thing for me is to learn how to use this medium to sell myself; inform the public and potential employers of my personal brand another thing I learnt from the Online Networking and Employability course of the university. How does one use a blog to talk of one’s self and at the same time attract potential employers of one’s self? Well may be my first steps as a blogger is just what it is actually, a first step that still needs to be fine tuned, perfected in order to become an expert step.

Now that I look back, I see that even though I still have a long way to go, I am happy with how far I have come.

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