Monday, 31 March 2014

Cameroon: Cry the beloved internet

In 2010 or some time earlier, the Cameroonian government made a whole show talking of the its newest baby, a project to put up a back bone optical fibre connection throught out the country. I remember that project because I was the news anchor reading the article.

Many years down the lane  and I am wondering what has become of this project. My thoughts switched to this famous back bone optical fibre project after I spent an entire week trying to submit my last Online Networking and Employability Award assignment.

I do not think I have ever been frustrated by the internet in Cameroon as I was in the past 4-5 days.

It is not only about the deadline missed but also about the time, energy , efforts and adrenaline spent in the struggle to post a 5 minutes video and send a one page word document.

It is in situations like this that I see why some countries are termed developing or under developed.  The lack of internet connections coupled with the numerous black outs made me appreciate the high speed internet  I enjoyed while on campus in Leicester  in the UK; and I said to my self  "wao!!! see how I used to take this internet for granted, now how I wish I had half that internet speed here and now".

But as the saying goes "if wishes were horses, beggars will ride".

 I think it is high time the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications thought of looking into the issue of poor internet and even mobile phone networks in Cameroon. Seriously, at this age and time Cameroonian should not be struggling with internet connections. It leaves a sour taste when one has to tell ones course mates "the internet in my country failed me". Ouchhh!!!! what a sad excuse, but an excuse all the same.

So what else can I do but to cry the beloved internet and the beloved country.

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