Tuesday, 18 February 2014

50th Reunification anniversary of Cameroon: An anniversary for laughs

18th of February 2014, here i was driving to work happy to be on time then  BAM!!! , road blocks every where!!!.

Then i asked myself what was happening, but before all the questions came up from my head I had an answer.

President Biya was up to something.  Ah! I said, he should be going for the celebration of the 50th annivesary of the country which is taking place from the 16-20th of February in Buea.

But then I started getting annoyed when after several turns I still could not get to work. Now what?!!!! Reunification activities are taking place else where , why should we suffer when we are kilometers away??

The more I got annoyed, the more funny it all became. Where in the world have we seen the 50th anniversary of a country celebrated three years after the scheduled anniversary? So actually it is the 50th Reunification anniversary celebrated on the 53rd anniversary date!!!

Hahahahah, what a joke and I confirmed the adage "Impossible n'est pas Cameroonais" meaning nothing is impossible in Cameroon.

But well, the date has been set, the lone anglo saxon unviersity in the country has witnessed the graduation of its students tossed aside and a whooping FCFA 35 billion of tax payers money

(£13 million) are being spent for the event.

So what else was I to do but sit in the car and laugh, yes, this is really an anniversary celebration for laughs.

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